Join the journey around intercultural Prague with us! With your support we will find best ethnic food places in town, get to know their owners, collect and share with you masterpiece recipes and develop a city game to explore diversity of our city!


Who we are

We are your family, friends and neighbors :) Our intercultural team is from all around the world! Russia, Indonesia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Slovakia. We love Prague, we love diversity, and we love richness of our intercultural city! Our team is fond of exploring new cultures, meeting new people, authentic food and having fun!

How it all started

Our team believes that diversity is making our community richer, more colorful, and more beautiful! Once having a dinner all together, we agreed that the best way of connecting people of the city is to enable personal cultural experience. Thinking of how we can do this, the idea of food came instantly.

We all love food, we love trying new things! Food is also magical; it has a super power of bringing people together!

Just imagine how cool it will be to have a map of the best ethnic restaurants in Prague, where you can go with your family and friends, taste very special meals from let’s say Northern Province of India or Siberia or Indonesia?

How amazing it will be to get to know who is behind this place? Who is the owner? How did he moved to Prague? And what is his life story? What challenges he experienced?

Like that idea of Czech Friendly came to life and we are so excited to make you all part of this project!

What is Czech Friendly?

Czech Friendly is a way to see intercultural Prague, a way to connect with different cultures through food, life stories and experiences. With your support we would love to:

Locate the best ethnic restaurants of Prague and present them to you through a printed map. It will become your guide whenever you feel like trying something unusual! The best ethnic places will be pointed on a map, so you can always have it with you (no internet connection is needed).

Discover life stories of people who once made up their mind to leave their home countries and to move to the Czech Republic. Why did they choose Prague? What is a story behind? Answers to these and many more questions will be waiting for you on created websit

Collect authentic recipes from Czech Friendly restaurants. Every recipe will be prepared by the chefs themselves, with photo explanation, so you can feel like you have a private lesson with an old friend who wants to share something he is good at. You will find the recipes on created website

Develop educational mobile app, which will allow all of us to explore intercultural Prague through guided walks, trivia questions and food places. Diversity and learning should be fun!

Invite you to intercultural brunches and picnics during summer!

What is our aim?

With our project we would like to give the citizens an opportunity to dive into the cultural diversity of the city. With Czech Friendly all of us will have a chance to travel all around the world by going to different authentic places, learning the taste and, moreover, the reality of foreign countries.

With Czech Friendly we want to show that diversity is tasty! 


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